November 9, 2016

Commercial Landscape/Construction

The majority of our company is dedicated to the production and maintenance of our commercial clients. A few of the aspects we focus on with landscape and construction areā€¦

Interlocking Stone
Our company is proud to offer an extensive selection of stone types that can be installed in various environments including high-traffic areas, streetscapes, and heavy duty. Our understanding and knowledge of products and environments ensure that our installations are built to last.

Our service will provide:

  • Unlimited patterns, designs and colours of brick
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Warranty on product and workmanship giving customers peace of mind
  • Experience in all sizes of projects with various products, offering clients many aesthetic options

Retaining Walls
We will work with you and your engineers to determine which of our many earth retention systems will best suit your specific functional needs as well as aesthetic expectation. Our crews are dedicated to assisting you with products and applications that provide strength, value, and quality.

Our service will provide:

  • Use of proper equipment allowing for timely excavation
  • Over 15 years of retaining wall experience
  • Preferred installer amongst engineers, designers, road builders, and geo-technical engineers
  • Skill ranging from small block walls to large armour stone walls
  • Experience with a multitude of products allows us to work in all wall construction conditions
  • Equipment, experience, and man power to complete any size project within specified timelines
  • Types of walls we complete are precast walls, armour stone walls, gabion walls, green living walls

Our crews will take care of all of your concrete needs, from new walkways to removal and replacement of failing concrete conditions. Let us complete your concrete job with quality and exceptional service. We can apply our services to curbs, sidewalks, driveways, bus stops, bike pads, steps, walkways, pool decks, garbage container pads and more!

Our service will provide:

  • Multiple colour options as well as custom sizes and shapes
  • Different strength and finish options (broom, stamp, exposed, etc.)
  • Removal of any tripping hazards or dangerous conditions

We own various pieces of excavation equipment and employs excellent operators that can move earth in a safe, productive manor, leaving you with minimal disruption to the environment. Whether you require large or small dump trucks, excavators, loaders, or skid steers, you can rest assured that your project is handled both safely and correctly to produce the desired results.

We provide a multitude of fence types and styles, all installed safely and efficiently by our experienced fencing crew. We will work with you to design and customize a fencing solution to fit all of your needs. Here are some of the types of fencing services we provide.

  • Silt fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Living fences
  • Board on board
  • Wood sound barriers
  • Chain link
  • Decorative iron
  • Construction/Paige wiring
  • Farm fencing
  • Custom fencing

Parks and Trails
We are experienced installers of community parks, playgrounds and trail systems. We have constructed over 20 parks and community trails, including a paved community trail that is 2.3 kilometres in length. From site layout and grading, to retaining wall and catch basin installations, our company is designed to be your full service contractor. After the hardscape completion, our softscape crews will finalize your project with the vision you had on time and meet the city or client requirements. More of the services we provide in relation to parks and trails are as follows.

  • Extensive knowledge in the city approval process therefore no issues with deadlines
  • Concrete, asphalt and limestone trail installations
  • Site furnishings, park signage, barriers, and play structure installations

Our company is experienced in grading and sodding in a variety of conditions. We have a specific crew of skilled people specializing in varied machinery and who are detail oriented so you get the perfect product. Sod is established and sustained through proper watering and fertilizing, which we provide with our 4,000 gallon water truck. The liquid and granular fertilizer we provide is used to establish and maintain sod growth. Our expertise allows us to ensure grades are met according to site plans and ranging from the simplest specifications to the most extreme detailed requirements.

Moser Landscape Group has a team of efficient and knowledgeable planting staff who complete a multitude of projects ranging from streetscapes to commercial buildings and complexes. We provide a 2 year warranty on our planting jobs, therefore the proper watering and maintenance of the plant material can ensure successful survival and growth well past the 2 year period. We also deal with storm water management ponds with aquatic plant material, as well as native species for naturalized areas.